Finding the Best Physical Therapist Assistant Jobs

by GuestPoster on February 13, 2012

Most people who watch the news notice how often the job market is discussed these days. It seems that the reports on the job market have been gloomy and do not seem to be getting much better. This can be especially frustrating for those who are not employed and have been looking for a job for any length of time. Many of those who do have jobs are even underemployed, meaning they do not make sufficient income to support themselves or their family. Many sectors of the job market have slowed down considerably, making it hard for anyone who is employed in such careers to find any type of decent jobs. There are, however, a number of careers that have not seen any slowdown in hiring nor in stability or salary.

One such career choice is the physical therapist. A physical therapist is charged with helping improve the mobility and physical functioning of individuals in society. Many of these individuals have been injured in an accident, while others have had various disabilities since birth. The field of physical therapy is essentially a helping profession. To become a physical therapist, however, requires at least six years of college education, as well as an internship. For individuals who do not have the time and money to invest into such an educational endeavor, there is another option. Physical therapists need those who assist them, but who also perform many of the same duties. These helping individuals are known as physical therapy assistants.

Physical therapy assistants enjoy many of the same employment benefits as do the physical therapists with whom they work. For this reason, physical therapist assistant jobs are considered to be some of the best jobs available on the market today. Physical therapy assistant jobs are plentiful at this time. The federal government predicts that this is a trend that will continue for many years. This means that the demand for physical therapists is strong, and probably will be for at least the next decade. To obtain physical therapist assistant jobs, a person does not need nearly the amount of education that is required for their supervising counterparts. In fact, most physical therapy assistants only need an associates degree. This means that they will need two years of college instead of six. Physical therapist assistant jobs actually pay very excellent salaries considering that only an associates degree is needed.

Almost all physical therapist assistant jobs pay more than 40,000 dollars per year. A physical therapist assistant also has a number of places in which he or she will be qualified to work. Many of these assistants work in hospitals, nursing care facilities, and some even work in the public school systems. In addition to excellent pay, almost all physical therapist assistant jobs also offer medical and retirement benefits that are excellent as well. With so many benefits, it is easy to see why more people are beginning to consider physical therapist assistant jobs as excellent opportunities for their future. Once a person graduates with an associates degree in physical therapy assisting, he or she will usually have multiple employment offers. This means that because the graduate is in such high demand, he will be able to choose the job that best fits his needs. He will also be able to negotiate the terms of his contracts in some of these cases. Most of the individuals who are in this field also report high levels of job satisfaction. Perhaps this is due, in part, to the fact that those who work in this field are performing such a valuable service in helping their fellow man.

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