Finding the Right Jewelery for Your Face Shape

by GuestPoster on October 8, 2011

Choosing the right jewelry is not just a matter of picking the right style and color to complement your clothing.  It is also a matter of emphasizing your best qualities and minimizing your worst ones.  Part of that has to do with the shape of your face and length of your neck.  Determine what will look best on you and then shop with confidence.  The world of costume jewelry will offer you all you need to complement, flatter, and/or disguise the features that need a little help.

There are four basic face shapes.  They are oval, round, square, and heart shaped.  There are many variations of these, but as a basic guideline, these four will do.

The oval shaped face is defined by being longer than wide, with a more rounded chin – just like an oval.  This face shape is the lucky one when looking for jewelry.  Basically anything will look great.  If you desire to give a little more definition to facial lines you might want to go with angular shaped earrings, and avoid long dangling ones.  Medium length would be better to avoid making your face look longer.  And if you have a long neck you might avoid very long necklaces.

The round face is fairly easy to recognize.  It is a little different than the square one simply by the rounded chin, instead of the square one.  This face shape could use a little lengthening, so the long dangling earrings are a good choice, but avoid large stones in them.  Angular shapes will help minimize the roundness.  Long and medium necklaces, depending on the neckline you are wearing, are also good choices.  But whatever you do, stay away from the chokers!

The square face is very similar in its needs.  The jaw line and chin are more defined, which might want a little softening, depending on your own personal preference.  To soften the defined lines, avoid angular jewelry.  Round shapes in your jewelry will help camouflage the square lines of your face.  Teardrop earrings will look great.  Longer necklaces will help as well.  Again, no chokers!

The heart shape face will have a pointed chin and wide forehead, with wide cheekbones.  You want to use jewelry that minimizes the narrow chin.  You will be able to wear larger, round shaped, dangling earrings.  Teardrops, chandeliers, hoops, bangles, and even angular ones will work if they are long enough.  And for you – chokers work wonders to widen the narrow chin.  Necklaces with large stones or double and triple strands will also look great.

So when you shop for jewelry, consider your face shape as well as the style and color.  From gold and sterling silver jewelry to casual and fun, you can find the perfect complement for your whole look.

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