Five Amazing Tips To Get Your Ex Back

by Kelvin Redfield on September 7, 2011

You broke up with your ex. Few weeks later, you realized that you cannot live without your ex. Now, you want to get your ex back, but the thing is not easy as you thought it would be. You faced a lot of problems to get your ex back. Everything you did seem pushed your ex further away.

If this is what you had been faced so far, then you come to the right place. In this article, all the problems and obstacles that you faced can be solved with the tips that you got from this article. There are 5 effective yet simple tips that you can learn from this article and use it on your ex.

1. Stay Strong, Calm and Confident

Being confidence when doing something is never a bad thing. The higher your confidence level is, the greater chance for you to win your ex back. Whether your ex is a man or female, people do attract to people who are always being confidence. So, instead of acting needy, you should remain calm, and give adequate space and time to your estranged lover. Do not attempt to beg your ex. Allow him/her to be away for a while. Also, please do not forget to help your ex when he/she in the trouble. This will help to instill confidence in the heart of your ex.

2. Avoiding instant contact

Never, never try to establish any calling or contact with your ex after a break up. You are wrong if you think constant calling or contacting with your ex is the best way for you to get your ex back. I mean, after a break up happened, there is no room for rational thoughts or conversations for both sides. Instead, the thing you should do is to give yourself a room or time to organize your thoughts, and think of a suitable strategy to win your ex back. Furthermore, your ex might feel annoyed if you keep calling him/her.

3. Mix with your friends

It is very normal for one to hide his depression by locking himself into his home. By all means, this is not a correct way to deal this matter. In fact, you should avoid or forget thinking about your ex for a while. Go out with your friends. Have a drink with them. Have fun with your friends. This will makes you feel a lot better. This is important because having a relaxed and calm mind can help you to come out with a suitable strategy to win your ex back.

4. Do not get angry with your ex

After a break up, it is normal for you to be angry or frustrated, and in fact, some people may resort violence or threat to get your ex back. This is a wrong strategy to use. In fact, you should avoid doing it at all costs. Also, try to refraining yourself from making unrealistic and selfish demands. The correct response would be mend ties by being rational. I know this sound sad, and it is hard to shallow, but this is the only way for you to get your ex into talking with you again.

5. You need to be a go getter.

The first thing you need to do is to get your ex attention. You want your ex to pay more attention to you. It’s very simple to do actually. All you need to do is to reminding your ex of all the good things you did and all the nice memory that both of you shared when you were together. If you cannot do it alone, do not hesitate to ask for your mutual friends to help. You can ask them to try and influence your ex into taking with you back again. If she willing to talk with you again, then it is a good chance that you can persuade your ex back to your side.

Getting your ex back requires a lot of commitment and efforts. Things don’t work out if you do not put any effort on it. So, you are serious of getting your ex back, you must prepare to take the responsibility to love and take care of your ex back. There is no point if you end up break up again once you get your ex back to side. Trying to save the relationship for 3rd is literally impossible. That is why you should think it over carefully whether you can maintain the relationship for 2nd time or not before you commit anything.

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