Fix Your Broken Relationship – It’s Never Too Late

by Kelvin Redfield on August 12, 2011

In the relationship, a small misunderstanding can cause a break-up sometime. This is definitely not something that every couple in relationship wants to happen. It is an unpleasant experience for sure. So, is your current relationship is on the verge of breaking down? Whether it is or not, reading this article can be useful and helpful for everyone. In the worst scenario, you can adjust yourself and save your relationship before too late. In this article, you will learn some tips or techniques to prevent your relationship fall apart.

For inexperience couple, a break-up usually can leave you overwhelmed and unsure what to do in your next step. Should I move on or try to save my relationship? This is a very common question that playing over anyone who experienced a break-up. Yes, it is possible for you to salvage your relationship if you are still unable to let your partner go. Salvaging a broken relationship is all boils down to human psychology. There are certain buttons you can press inside of your partner to get the reaction you want. I know this doesn’t make sense, but it is indeed works when it comes to saving the relationship.

Break-up with your partner, especially the one who you spent with for many years, can be a nerve wrecking. I know this extremely well as I experienced myself. I felt depressed for the whole week. I lost my appetite for a week. I lost track of time and I completely lost. I don’t know where or who should I turn to. Everything look bleak, and I felt that nothing would be right again unless I got my ex back to my side. In the end, I resolved to win my ex back. I want a second chance.

But of course, I’m completely amateur at that time. I did a lot of wrong moves and it actually made the whole situation worse than ever. I try to over-communicate and smothering my ex with a lot of email and phone calls. I was too emotional at that time. Everything I did only pushing my ex away. She is actually afraid of me and do not want to see me.

Saving the broken relationship is actually simple than you thought. The very first thing you need to do analyze the situation. What actually caused the break-up? Whose fault is that? Who’s started the whole argument? Maybe what’s caused the break-up is just a small misunderstanding? Was it because of miscommunication or lack of intimacies? Once you pin-point the exact reason that trigger the break-up, it is easy for you to get your ex back.

Call your ex and tell your ex that there is something you want to discuss with him or her. If you are the one who at the fault, apologize to your ex. Cast aside your pride. Being prideful is never a key to save your broken relationship. Also, control your emotion. Don’t let your rage or jealousy take over you. If your ex is the one who are wrong, try to give your ex a chance to talk. Don’t interrupt your ex when he or she is talking. Listen to your ex to the end, and ready to forgive your ex if both of you reaching a mutual understanding. As you can see, emotion outburst can be a bad thing. It is very common for a couple to have one or two arguments. That is why you should learn to control your emotions and be able to think and act logically and strategically when you are in a heat argument.

Learn more tips and techniques to save your relationship with The Magic of Making Up.

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