Foods That Are Rich in Vitamin E

by GuestPoster on March 31, 2012

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that eliminates harmful toxins found in the body and aids in cell repair. The body tissues that are usually destroyed by substances known as free radicals can be prevented through the help of vitamin E. Free radicals are those that can cause harm to different organs, tissues, and cells. As an antioxidant, it can carry out its function well when aided by the mineral selenium and vitamin C (ascorbic acid). Their combinations are vital for the desired antioxidant effect. Because of this property, it is widely used in the production of commercial food products to delay spoilage.

Among the benefits of vitamin E are preventing the occurrence of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and cardiovascular disease. It is also helpful in preventing hemolytic anemia among premature babies. To ensure normal blood flow vitamin E helps in the dilation of blood vessel. With that, formation of blood clots inside the vessel can be prevented.

Given the benefits of this vitamin, does vitamin E oil help scars to heal or to diminish? According to the study of The Journal of Burn Care and Rehabilitation, they investigated the possible effect of vitamin E on scars. Unfortunately, no noticeable improvement was seen on people with scars treated with vitamin E oil. But because some studies suggest that vitamin E regenerates cells, dermatologists still encourage the use of vitamin E oil.

In order to obtain the required daily amount of vitamin K needed by the body, it is still best to look for vitamin e rich foods. Health care providers prefer dietary sources over supplements. Green leafy vegetables such as kale, spinach, and brussels are rich in vitamin E. Here are some of the foods that you might also want to try.

Almonds can provide you with 26.2 mg of vitamin E or 175% RDA. One cup of raw whole form of almonds can provide you with 37.5 mg. So you might want to try grabbing for some chocolates with almonds for a snack.

Sunflower Seeds
For people who are fond of eating sunflower seeds, then you are getting a rightful amount of 36.6 mg of vitamin E. Sunflower seeds are great for garnishing on soups and salads.

Cooked Spinach
Cooked spinach may be found in lasagnas or stews. Each 100g serving can provide you with 3.5 mg of vitamin E.

Green Olives
Use of olives can be found in pizzas or salads. Each 100g serving may give you with 3.81 mg of vitamin E.

Basil and Oregano
Dried herbs of basil and oregano can provide you with 7.38 mg of vitamin E per 100g serving. You might as well want to sprinkle them on top of your favorite sandwiches or salads.

Eating healthy meals can do a lot for your body. It can provide you with all the nutrients that you need to make you stronger. So you better start buying nutritious foods and start living a healthy life.

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