Football Strength Training Workouts: The Sandbag Movements

by GuestPoster on October 19, 2011

You may have already heard of the Powerlifting program for football players. This training is usually done for football players who want to go through football strength training workouts. However, some people tend to miss some important points sometimes. Take note that whey you do football workouts, your main goal is not just to be the strongman or the powerlifter. Your primary goal is to become strong, fast and explosive.

However, most coaches and players tend to overlook some training tools that are of utmost importance. When it comes to the tools that will be used for football training, you do not really have to worry as these tools are not expensive. Some of the tools that you need are the following:

  • Giant Bags of Sand – sandbags allow you to work from an awkward angle and even when you are on an odd position. Doing your workouts using a sandbag can help you make your core as hard as rock. This can also help you prevent your strength from leaking and protect your shoulders from virtually any type of injury. This can also help you transfer the power from the ground up.

There are 5 different movements that you can perform using the sandbag. These movements include the following:

  1. Bear Hug and Duck Walk – this is an old school movement which is still being practiced up to this day. Doing this routine can help strengthen your legs, back, pecs and your grip.
  2. High Rep Clean and Press – this is being considered as a conditioning routine, which can be done not just for football but for all types of sports. This is a great exercise, but you might have a hard time doing it with a barbell. Performing this movement can help enhance your mental toughness, as well as your physical strength.
  3. Zercher RDL’s with Bands or Chains Added – this is the best movement that you can opt for if you want to strengthen your hamstrings. However, performing this movement using a bar can really be painful, especially when you start it using heavy weights.
  4. Sandbag High Pull with Chains -  this is considered as the best movement if you want to build your upper back, thicken your traps, and enhance your explosive movements. Compared to any other traditional high pull exercises, this version saves your shoulders. This means this movement can be done often minus the pain and fatigue.
  1. Clean and Push – this movement will teach you how to transfer your power from your legs to your hips and into your upper body.

These are the basic football workouts that you have to learn if you want to excel in playing football. For more information, you can check on some fitness blog or seek the help of an experienced football coach to help you with these routines.

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