Four Christmas Shopping Ideas For Hi-Tech Insomniacs

by GuestPoster on December 15, 2011

If I’m indicative of most insomniacs, we’re driven by this overwhelming question:  how do I to get a better sleep tonight ? I’ve tried all the basic sleep hygiene, and I’m pretty sure that they are playing a part in me sleeping better, but I still want more. And it being the Christmas season, I thought I’d treat myself by compiling a list of things you can buy for your local insomniac – any any on else who likes tech toys – me included!
All of these products are available on line – and most of them are downloadable. The only tricky thing you’ll have to solve is how to get the downloadable products onto the receiver’s device without them knowing – so that will be half the fun!

Tones For Your Brain – Isochronic and Binaural

Binaural and Isochronic Tones are basically the same thing – it’s just that binaural tones rely on headphones, while isochronic can use headphones or speakers. These tones produce frequencies that you can barely hear – and they resonate with the sleep (or stress, or anxiety, or ___) part of your brain. I find them quite relaxing.

These tones are available for download to your smartphone or MP3 player – and they are either free, or cost very little ($1-$2). Go online and search for isochronic or binaural and read the customer reviews from the major sources.

Meditation Programs and Tones/Music

Just like above, you can find tones for meditation too. But the meditation field seems much more mature. If you download the $1-$2 versions, they expect you to know what you want. For more money, there are also downloadable meditation programs that go much further – into what to do and when, how to get into a meditative state, and coaching you through the process.

Remember, the search engine (Google) is your friend – before you buy, check out “xxx meditation program review” to see what users think.

i Phones and Smart-phones  With Smart Sleep Alarms

These are applications for your smartphone (iPhone included) that are downloaded to the device, and use the internal accelerometer to measure your body’s movement at night (the phone is placed on the mattress to detect motion). It translates the movement you make into the phase of sleep that you’re in – and produces a very cool graph of your sleep overnight. Since it knows what sleep stage you are in, it knows when exactly to wake you up (within a few minutes of your desired time) and is careful not to wake you in the middle of a deep sleep session.

These aps generally $1-$2 again, although there are a few free ones around (with limited features).

Body/Sleep Monitors

There are now more that a couple of personal biometric monitors on the market this Christmas. Some are job specific (I use the smartphone based Zeo sleep monitor), while others cover a whole gamut of uses – sleep, caloric burn, diet, etc. Examples of the general purpose devices would be the new FitBit and the Jawbone Up. While the quality of data suffers with the more general purpose devices, they are relatively low cost and provide some great introspection. The sleep monitor I use has given my huge insight into sleep I couldn’t get anywhere else.

Again, check user reviews of these devices to see if it’s what you’re looking for, and that they live up to all the hype.

Regardless if that person on your Christmas list is an insomniac, these gifts would be sure to surprise and please!

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