Four Reasons To Purchase Leather Furniture for a Handcrafted Log Home

by GuestPoster on November 8, 2011

When decorating a log home you are in either one of two categories. The first group is composed of those who feel like nothing goes with a log home. The second group are those who feel like anything goes with a log home. So let’s take a look at which trends are not so suitable for logs and why leather has such a strong presence in handcrafted log homes.

If you love modern, contemporary, or vogue furniture and cannot expand your tastes past these parameters then your interior decorator will have her work cut out! These styles generally are not associated with log homes, but with the right combination of logs and other features such as plastered interior walls, it can be done.

For the second group here are some reasons leather fits in so well.

Reason Number 1: Leather can be found for all types of living room furniture. It can be used for huge over stuffed sofas, reading chairs, and love seats. Some tables can be found which are leather topped or have wooden legs in cased in leather.

Reason Number 2: Leather can come in just about any color. From natural browns, to white, black, and even red the colors are not limiting. For ‘man cave’ or ‘hunting room’ leather couches with wooden frames fit very well. But a white suede chair would look very out of place. If you are very color scheme conscience then the flexibility in shades is very important in a luxury log home. An interior decorator may introduce other ideas but if you like leather then be sure to stick with that theme.

Reason Number 3: Genuine leather furniture lasts for years. When someone skips the cheap vinyl leather imitation and invests in cowhide the furniture does not wear out nearly as quickly. Man made leather cracks over time, but true leather does not do this. It is somewhat like buying an uncomfortable pair of synthetic leather shoes and a pair of premium rawhide boots.

And Reason Number 4: Leather just fits a log home. With wooden floors, slate flooring, stone fireplaces, and granite counter tops there is an urge to continue that feel into the furniture. Leather is the most natural material for upholstering. Not everyone wants to only have plain wooden benches in their home. Instead the indulgence of leather is quite appealing in handcrafted log homes.

Thank you for reading!

By Sue Lemmon
Cowboy Log Homes
Belgrade, Montana

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