Freezerless Refrigerator Brands

by GuestPoster on April 17, 2011

A freezerless refrigerator is a very useful appliance that meet a specific need. Sometimes people do not need freezer capacity for their home; in this case, it makes little sense to purchase a freezer unit. Relevant doing so they can simply purchase a freezerless refrigerator.

Thermador refrigerators are some of the best of the standalone refrigerator models available in the marketplace. They have a selection of 24 inch and 30 inch Thermador freedom collection models for buyers to explore. The smallest of these units are the TR24IR70NSP and the T24BR70FSE. These 24 inch models conveniently fit into relatively small spaces, making them ideal for installation with space is an issue.

Subzero also manufactures a good selection of freezerless refrigerators. Many of the built-in refrigerators do not have freezers. Examples of this are the Sub-Zero 736TR and the Sub-Zero BI36R. These appliances are very attractive, and there is even a glass door refrigerator available for people whose tastes lean to that.

Summit is another manufacturer of freezerless refrigerators. While they have a range of traditional upright refrigerators, similar to those produced by many other manufacturers, they also have another option. Some chest refrigerator is a unique and unusual offering that provide an entirely different way of looking at the standalone refrigerator.

These Summit chest refrigerators range in size from 15 ft.³ all the way up to 24 ft.³, ensuring that there is space for even the largest volume user. These units are particularly appealing if you are a have a deep chest freezer, as these can both be installed in an out-of-the-way room and keep the kitchen area of your home free of clutter.

With all these different freezerless refrigerators to choose from, a potential buyer will certainly not be suffering from any shortage of choice. Carefully analyze your budget, along with your particular standalone refrigerator needs, to determine the best purchase for you.

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