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by GuestPoster on December 2, 2010

Although many men think they are Mr. Fix It when it comes to repairing a garage door more often than not, you will need help; professional help if you want it done right the first time. These huge doors can present a health hazard if installed incorrectly. Call in a professional technician to ensure that you and your family stay safe. Here are a few things to help you better understand garage door repair so you will better understand the technician once you arrange an appointment with your garage door repairman.

There are only three foremost mechanisms of a garage door; the door, the springs, or the motor. These are the areas that are more than likely the problem with your malfunctioning garage door. If you are having problems with your door opening and closing correctly there are a few things you can check initially.

A lot of people phone in and say that their garage door opener is not working. They say they have tried everything to get it working again and request a technician come to their home and see what the problem is. The technician arrives to take a look at the opener and find that it is unplugged. No electricity to the opener means no movement for the garage door. The first thing you should check when your door stops working is the electrical plug. Is your plugged in?

Another thing to check is the sensors on both sides of the track. Sometimes, especially during the fall season, leaves or other debris get pushed up against the sensors and block the path. This causes the garage door to stop working. Simply move the object blocking the sensors and you will have a perfectly functioning garage door.

Finally, check the springs. There should be tension in each spring. If you find one spring has broken do not attempt to fix it yourself. If during the repair the other spring breaks, you could be seriously hurt or worse. Always call on a fully trained and experienced garage door repair technician to do these types of repairs. In my location, many Houston garage door repair technicians can service the same day and have your springs fixed in about an hour. They will also quote you a price over the phone.

By doing necessary checks before you call the technician you can save yourself some money and will have more knowledge on the workability of your garage door in the future. For more information read about garage door repair Houston.

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