Gauging the Federal Pell Grant Requirements

by GuestPoster on May 2, 2011

Any and all U.S. citizens can and should apply for the federal Pell Grant, which is offered to help people pay their way through college. Almost all universities accept such funding, and will assist you through the application process. Just because you apply for a Pell Grant does not mean that you will become eligible though. There are  a variety of Pell Grant requirements that you must meet in order to become eligible for any such financial assistance.

One of the main requirements that you must meet in order to go any further with the Pell Grant application is the one regarding your citizenship, as you must be a United States citizen in order to apply. You then must meet the income eligibility requirement. It is important to note that not all students will be considered independent so you may think that you qualify due to low income, when in fact you do not because your parents still count.

The income requirement is the main way a student’s Pell Grant eligibility is decided. The Pell Grant is mainly provided for those who wish to go to college, but could not otherwise afford to do so. It does not always work fairly though. Some adults have been out living on their own for many years, but are not considered independent due to their age. As already mentioned this can play a very tough role in whether or not you receive any assistance.

Another qualifying factor comes into play when adults with children go back to school. Family size plays a big role in how much you qualify for. Then next thing that you have to worry about after getting approved for funding is how much funding the Pell Grant will give you. The size of your family and the lower your income, the more aid you should receive.

Overall, the Pell Grant eligibility requirements are fairly simple, and consist of the aforementioned major items. You must be a United States citizen, you must have a low income regardless of age and parental status, and the more kids you have the more money you will receive. It really is a good deal for someone who qualifies. Unfortunately there are lots of hard working young Americans that would love to go to college, but make too much money or do not have any children.

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