Get Your Ex Back Without Having Contact Strategy

by Kelvin Redfield on September 7, 2011

It may be sound very weird and confusing to you when someone told you not to have a contact with your ex if you want to get your ex back. I mean, calling your ex is definitely the most logical action you can do, especially when you want to apologize for all the awful things you said in the past to her. You may be wondering, if calling is not the option, how are you supposed to do to save your broken relationship? Sitting at home without doing anything is not going to solve the problem.

You are right about this, but do you ever consider the consequence if you are calling her way too soon, especially after a breakup? The reason why it is not a recommended action because the bad feelings that both of you had is still deeply sow into your hearts at this moment. These bad feelings; anger, fury, pain, frustration can easily hindering your decision making process. Just imagine that you have any contact with each other at this point. There is only one thing that will happen, another major/heated argument. Why is this happen? It is because the breakup incident is still fresh in your minds. Speaking with each other in this kind of state will only refuel the fury and hatred that you have inside you, and it will kill your chance to get your ex back forever.

However, this will become a piece of cake if you and your ex waited long enough to see each other. Time does heals the wound, even the heart’s wound. If you waited long enough, all the painful and angry feelings would eventually fading away. At that moment, both of you will be more approachable. This means that there will be less risk for both of you to start any argument. Considering that both of you are not seeing each other in this moment, you should use the opportunity to reflect your previous action. What actually went wrong in your relationship? What caused the breakup? How can you solve this problem?

Once you figured the answer, it should be the appropriate time for you to meet with your ex. In this situation, both of you should be in a good mood. Being feeling positive and happy can increase your chances to get your ex back. Also, it is no use for you to remembering those nasty things that your ex said to each other. So, do whatever you can to get rid of them. It can be meeting with your friends, have drinks with your friends at some local bar, playing some sports with your friends and any positive activity.

When both of you are meeting with each other, the first thing you need to do is to give your ex the opportunity to talk. You should listen to her reasons to the end, and then only you start to give your thoughts and opinion about the matter. Respecting each other is a good quality to have. If you are serious to get your ex back to your side, you should always ready to forgive your ex as long as your ex willingly to change, and that same goes to you.

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