Hair Shampoo Brands

by GuestPoster on January 24, 2011

Gone are the days when it was one shampoo for all, or one basic choice for dry hair and oily hair types.   Today there are so many shampoo choices available it can sometimes be overwhelmingly and the question does have to be asked, is one variety really more effective than the other.   Realistically the answer has to be no, the reason there is so much choice available, is that shampoo companies need to find new ways to talk about their product and come up with new and innovative ways to make their hair shampoo sound more interesting and appealing then the next brand.   With so much availability, the reality is however, that hair shampoo only falls into a few groups and can be categorized by their basic function, this article aims to take away some of the confusion and takes a look at these categories and their uses:

Cleansing hair shampoos:These are available in a few varieties that range from volumizing, oil free, clarifying, balancing, anti dandruff control, and thickening.

Conditioning hair shampoos; These tend to fall into a different category and focus on moisturizing, smoothing and straightening, that help to prevent curl and frizz, making hair more manageable.   Shampoo’s that strengthen, protect against color fading and hydrate the hair shaft, these are also considered to be a conditioning shampoo.

Anti dandruff: These are the medicated varieties of hair shampoo,they contain drug ingredients and chemicals that controls itching and flaking on the scalp.

Natural and organic: Many companies have jumped on this band wagon, due to the fact that this is such a hard category to regulate.   Many manufacturers un-ethically claim their products are organic and natural, even though they contain many chemicals and preservatives.   It is easy to get taken in by clever marketing claims from the larger personal care manufacturers that make these misleading claims ‘pure and natural claims.  Before purchasing organic shampoo, carry out research into companies that have integrity, who’s values are deeply rooted in the organic and natural skin and body care market.

Baby shampoos: This is another interesting category, manufacturers of baby shampoo claim to be milder and not as irritating on the skin.   Again this area is open for debate because many children’s shampoo’s still contain petro chemicals and detergents, that can be easily absorbed into the blood stream. So this is another shampoo, that should be purchased with caution.

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