High School Students & Part Time Job

by Kelvin Redfield on February 21, 2011

For a high school student, working as part-time job can be a great thing. Especially when you got your first paycheck. As a highschool student, extra pocket money is always welcome. Plus, working as part-timer also helps you to become a better person. You will learn how to take responsibility and manage your time schedule well. The experience that you got from your part-time job can be handy when you finished and graduated from your studies.

But also keep in mind that part-time jobs is not for everyone. This is true for the student who are busy with their schoolwork or any extracurricular activity or sports. If you can’t find a time to balance your schoolwork and part-time job, then you should forget about your jobs. As a teenager, study is the priority. There is no point to compromise your future for a short-term income. Part-time job alone will not get you far.

If you force yourself to do all the tasks (schoolwork, job, being a teenager) at once, you will only tiring yourself in the end. In the worst scenario, rather than sports or jobs, you will, unintentionally, neglect your studies. When this happens, it is time for you to re-check your time schedule and set your priority straight. Too many extracurricular activities at hand? Then try to reduce it down. Consult with your teachers and tell them your reason why you want to stop doing it. When things start to settle down, now you can consider whether you want to get a part-time jobs or focus on one extracurricular activity.

Another alternative way for you to earn some money is to asking your parents or neighbors if there are any chores or works you can do for them, which they are willing to pay. In this way, you are not afraid of being locked by a certain shift or time schedule.

There is no right or wrong for a high school student to get a job. There are some people who prefer to focus on their academic first while others would love to accomplish something during their school days. If you find yourself have a lot of time to kill, then go for it and one thing for sure, you will not regret it. The experience that you get will be invaluable and useful in the future.

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