Hobbies, Farmers, Geometry and Tractor Manuals

by GuestPoster on May 4, 2011

There are a lot of interesting hobbies and collections which people choose to pursue. One inspiring example was of a geometry teacher who had a great fascination with tractors, tractor manuals and basically any toy model that related to John Deere and other major manufacturers in that industry. Though he had an in depth and comprehensive knowledge of geometric and mathematical concepts, many of his lessons were made much more poignant because of his interest in farm machinery and tractor manuals.

Whenever a math concept such as tangents or theorem logic patterns could be related, he would use an example involving his interest in farm equipment that would make the entire idea easier to remember as well as place the idea in a very practical context. Granted, his interest in tractors and tractor manuals was a personal passion, but it served him well both in and out of the classroom.

Plus, every time he purchased a new tractor model to place on his desk for a time, he would usually spread the joy by filling the back of it with candy and either driving it down the rows of desks or passing out its contents to eagerly waiting students. When it comes to home décor, there are a lot of options with a hobby such as collecting tractor manuals and models. These can be placed on display in very imaginative ways. From shelving that imitates the interior of a farmers cottage on which to place the models or surrounding historic tractor manuals with a unique frame that accents the time period of the original machinery, these items can actually invite conversation when entertaining guests.

There have been many developments made to farm equipment and machinery over the last century, and many of the people who enjoy collecting such materials end up to be quite knowledgeable in regards to these developments. This is particularly true for those who collect or actively use tractor manuals. Just as a car mechanic has to stay abreast of automobile developments in order to be able to repair vehicles in a suitable and high quality manner, those who actively use farming equipment also must maintain an awareness for developments in their equipment.

Tractor manuals are crucial pieces of information for an active farmer. Unlike a regular motor vehicle, getting a tractor to a mechanics garage is much more difficult, time consuming and somewhat troublesome. These machines are not made for use on regular roadways. Rather, they often have much slower speeds that can cause traffic to back up for great lengths on more narrow roadways. Generally, mechanics are located in more populated areas where it is easier for larger groups of customers to reach them and employ their services.

By nature, farmers need space and may be in more remote locations. As such, they may have to travel significant distances in order to reach a mechanic which takes much longer and can often be costly in terms of fuel, if the tractor is even able to travel that far. When the machinery stops completely, it may become necessary to tow or haul the equipment instead. For this, it may be necessary to rent large trailers that can be costly in themselves and getting the equipment onto the trailer is not always easy.

With all of these considerations, it is easy to see why many farmers prefer to take minor repairs into their own hands and refer to the tractor manuals frequently in their attempts to render the machinery operational once more. In comparison, for the geometry teacher, having a hobby regarding tractor manuals and models is much simpler than having to conduct the repairs themselves, but in either case, they are valued items of great importance.

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