Home Remedies For Acne That Will Help

by GuestPoster on September 7, 2011

Almost everyone has heard that there are some home remedies for acne, which is a skin condition that can be terribly painful, ugly and awkward on the body. It normally appears on the face but can just as easily attack any other area of the body such as the arms, neck, and back. It is due to a certain bacteria that cause a lot of suffering to the affected person.

Use of Benzoyl Peroxide Cream:

Using Benzoyl Peroxide cream is useful even though it is too harsh and causes skin redness and irritation. Many other creams and cosmetics, as well as all sorts of other dermatological products, have not been fruitful in this fight. It is the chief reason why most people have now resorted to using home remedies for acne. The recommended home remedies for acne are able to deal with both the facial as well as the body acne.

Thorough Cleaning Using Natural Soap Twice a Day:

It is possible to use home remedies for acne which bypasses the use of harsh chemicals that damage the skin and may be dangerous for health. Scrub the skin thoroughly with natural soap that does not cause inflammation to the skin. Then apply natural base lotions and cream that can soothe the skin. Natural soaps are unlike the ordinary tablets found in the grocery stores but are distinct soaps that can be found in health stores, and have pure components. It is easier to use this method on the face, but when it comes to the rest of the body, especially the back, a little ingenuity will help. One would have to apply a back-scrubbing long brush from the beauty shops. Avoid tampering with the already sore areas, by using gentle, scrubbing around these spots.

Soaking in a Solution of Baking Soda as one of Home Remedies for Acne:

It is now common knowledge that baking soda can be instrumental in killing and getting rid of the acne infectious bacteria and is also able to reduce skin inflammation in acne sufferers. One must mix a solution out of up to 2 cups of baking soda to the bath tub water which is warm. Then step into the bathtub and soak in the soda solution for about 15 minutes. It is the easiest way to exfoliate the skin and gentle scrubbing can remove all the dead skin, as well. Allow the skin to dry without rinsing it with clean water. Do this twice a day and watch how it works to rid the skin of all ugly spots on the skin. Baking soda solution is now proving to be one of the most effective home remedies for acne.

Tea-Tree Oil Forms the List of the Reliable Home Remedies for Acne:

Another effective way of dealing with the skin problem known as acne is to use the tea-tree oil. Many people are not aware of how much this item is effective in getting rid of the bacteria that cause acne on the skin. It does not affect the skin adversely like other harsh chemicals can do. Take a small bottle and fill it halfway with water then add 10 drops of tea-tree oil. Shake the solution well then use this combination to apply to the affected areas after soaking inside the baking soda solution of warm water. When out of the bath, just leave the tea-tree solution on the skin to dry up slowly. Do this regimen once daily as one of the classic home remedies for acne.

Apple Cider Vinegar Solution, Part of Home Remedies for Acne:

Use apple cider vinegar solution of three to one portion of water and vinegar, respectively; on the face or infected areas. It is acidic and can maintain the correct balance of oils on the skin, especially the face, so use it as one of home remedies for acne.

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