Home Remedy For Mild Acne Sufferers.

by Kelvin Redfield on February 24, 2011

Acne can be happens on anyone. If you think that acne only happens on growing teenagers, then you are wrong. Even a 50 year old adult can suffer acne breakout. By any means, acne is not a disease. It is not hazardous to the body. However, it is greatly affecting the people emotion and confidence. People who are suffering acne usually have low self-esteem. This is understandable as appearance does matter in our current society life.

If you are suffered from minor to mild acne, then home acne treatment can be helpful to you. But if you are suffered from severe acne condition, then you should consider visiting the doctor or dermatologist. It is because the doctor or dermatologist knows the best when it comes to severe acne condition. The medicine prescribed and advice that they provided can be helpful to control and treat your acne condition.

As for the minor and mild acne sufferers, rely on the over-the-counter medicine and cream can be risky, especially when you do not have sufficient knowledge about the medicine and cream for acne. In the worst scenario, you may worsen your acne condition.

It is a safe bet to say that most of the acne products that sold in the shop do carry a harsh side-effect to your skin.

Human body is complicated. Some people are born lucky without acne presence in their whole life while others don’t. Some people can clear their acne with ease only with over-the-counter products while other don’t.

This is why the home acne treatment is the best solution for minor and mild acne sufferers. It will not cause any harsh side-effect in the long run. In fact, it is also cheaper than buying acne products. Basically, the whole concept behind home acne remedy is, you are supposedly to eat a lot of healthy fruit and food such as lemon and royal jelly, and learn to wash your face with the proper approach (for e.g. Steam and Warm Water). Applying natural ingredient such as tree oil and aloe Vera for your face can speed up the healing process of your skin.

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