Hot Tubs and Its pH Levels

by GuestPoster on April 18, 2012

Hot tubs are the source of great relaxation after being exposed to a stressful and tiring work. These are also great for entertaining family, friends, and loved ones. However, when you own a hot tub, you should follow proper maintenance to keep the balance of water. Furthermore, you can also destroy the breeding sites of bacteria and algae. Obviously, it is important to keep the water clean and well-maintained so that it can add to the tub’s value as well as to your home.

The most common mistake of the hot tub owner is the failure to maintain its pH level. By using a test strip, you can easily test the pH level of the water. Test strips are inexpensive. There are a lot of online sites that you can find in the internet. You can purchase it in bulk. Ideally, test strips are used every two days. However, some people test the water pH once in a week. This can be sufficient unless the tub is located in a hostile weather condition.

Acidic water has a pH level of 7.0 or lower. Acidic water can cause corrosion to the mechanical equipment of the tub. If the water is too alkaline, with pH level of 7.8 or higher, formation of scale and lime is expected. Ideally, you may want to keep the pH level in the middle of that range. Failure to monitor the pH level of water can lead to skin problems, mineral build-up, foul smelling water, scaling, and corrosion of the mechanical parts of the tub.

If the pH levels are out of track, you can add either sodium bisulphate or sodium bicarbonate. Take note that the bicarbonate will increase the pH level of water while the bisulphate lowers it. If you have purchased the right test strips for spa or for pool, then the test strip will also measure the level of sanitizer within the hot tub.

Germs and bacteria can thrive in hot environment. Your hot tub is a great breeding ground for them. To eliminate bacteria and germs, and to keep the water healthy, you should use the pH strips, sanitizers and empty the hot tub once every three months. Caring and cleaning the hot tub is not that difficult. You do not need an expertise or degree to maintain your tub. However, you need to have discipline, and that is where people fail when it comes to cleaning and maintaining the pool or tub.

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