How Hard-Up Home Owners Are Staying Cool In The Summer Months

by GuestPoster on November 10, 2011

You can still have a comfortable house in the stinking hot summer months, even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. An outdoor ceiling fan is cheap to purchase, providing you with a steady cool breeze when the temperatures are off the scale! Ceiling fans are very easy to install, providing you with years of service when properly looked after. There are hundreds of great looking fans to choose from, in a wide range of materials and even novelty designs to match your decor regardless of your personal tastes. Fans are also extremely energy efficient to run, as they do not cool the air like an air conditioner, yet there are a few things to know about buying the right ceiling fan. Here are some guidelines.

1. The difference between “damp rated” and “wet rated” – There are two different rating systems for outdoor fans. Damp rated fans are designed to withstand outdoor weather where there is a large amount of moisture in the surround air. Damp rated fans will not rust when left in the outdoors, nor will they stand up in extreme weather conditions. Wet rated fans on the other hand will hold up under extreme weather, so can be installed virtually anywhere. Most likely a damp rated fan will suit you just fine, but if you are in doubt about exposure to rain, you are best to go with a fan that is wet rated for peace of mind if nothing else.

2. Choosing the right fan blade size – If your outdoor ceiling space is limited, then you will need to measure the length of the fan blades carefully to ensure there is enough space to setup your fan. On our website you will find a simple table that lists the recommended fan size for the dimensions of your area.

3. Fan motor – Two basic types of motor can be purchased, lubricated and sealed ball bearings and ball bearings that rotate in an oil bath. Improved lubrication will make for smooth long-term operation which will extend the longevity of your fan. In fans that have sealed ball bearings, there is little ongoing maintenance required, however with fans that feature oil baths, occasional service is required to ensure the smooth ongoing operation of your fan.

Other options to look for include mounting systems, (which will depend largely on the height of your ceiling), light style (when buying an outdoor fans with lights included), number of blades and additional electronics options such as remote control and reverse spin (which can improve heating in winter).

These are but a few things to look for when buying an outdoor fan. More FREE information can be found on our website by following the links and on a wide range of outdoor topics from buggies to a guide for buying used pontoon boats for sale.

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