How Make a Girl Fall in Love With You, ‘Fast’?

by GuestPoster on December 10, 2011

One of the great myths of the so-called pick-up community is that you can make a girl fall in love with you. You can increase your attractiveness, of course, but you cannot control this powerful emotion. It’s just not possible.

Women respond to certain traits, but again, most every woman is unique in her own way and only her unconscious brain actually falls in love. Although we can see some women that are in relationships with certain type of guys and the whole thing doesn’t make sense, you most always need to look for negative traits that trigger this state in those women such as “father resemblance” or “abuse”.

The main concern around this topic revolves around whether the process is controllable or not. Men want to have that power, to be able to make women love them. They wish they could do it, and several dating gurus claim that they have unlocked the key to a woman’s heart. I don’t believe that is true, mainly because a woman ‘finds’ out as soon as she meets whether she falls for you or not.

You can’t measure how in love someone is because no one has a clue how it all happens. Basically, there is no way to know how to make a girl love you, because there is no “way”, at least not one that can be explained through words. Authors have tried to explain it for centuries but it seems to be the realm of metaphors where we find the definitions.

So, now that you understand that this doesn’t happen over time and that we fall in love naturally and spontaneously, you can begin to observe the woman in front of you and enjoy the moment without worrying about if she has or she has not fallen for you. If it happens it happens, no need to pressure the situation. If you are worried too much if she likes you or not, she will feel it become uncomfortable.

As you can probably see, I’m being very honest with you on this one. Realizing that you fall in love with the soul of the person and not or her “qualities” is a start. Doing your best to be as authentic, moment my moment, is the next step, that will inevitably lead you the right woman for you. When people become more honest, they start attracting people that are compatible with them, and people that are compatible naturally fall in love with each other. So, how to get a girl to like you? Just be yourself.

Article written by Cristian Luca

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