How To Get A Top Of The Range Pressure Washer For Less

by GuestPoster on April 13, 2012

Pressure washing has become an indispensable American way of keeping our homes surroundings clean. We use pressure washers for the deck, driveway, sidewalk, siding and garage floor among other home cleaning projects. We also use pressure washers for commercial activities at industrial sites, for example, as well as for small power washing businesses. Turning our attention back to home power cleaning; due to high prices many home owners end up settling for poor power washing machines. There is however a way to get a better pressure washer at nearly half the price.

To begin, let’s first look at the advantages of a top of the range power washer over the cheap and ineffective pressure washers that many people buy. First, top of the range power washers have better effectiveness. This is because they have greater PSI values often as high as 2500 PSI for electric home pressure washers. This means you can do more in a relatively short period of time compared to cheap 800 PSI pressure washers. When it comes to pressure washing, power output is really everything. It determines if you will take two hours or eight hours to do the same job.

Second, top of the range pressure washers generally last much longer than many under $100.00 plastic construction pressure washers. There have been numerous complaints against the cheap pressure washers ranging from lack of power, flimsy construction as well as a very short lifetime of service. In fact, most pressure washers that people buy for under $100.00 are only working for one year. They also have very poor warranty rules due to their already poor quality.

The question then to be answered is how to get a very good pressure washer at a low price. There are essentially two ways of doing it namely getting a refurbished pressure washer or a used pressure washer. There is a difference between the two. Refurbished pressure washers are usually pressure washers that happen to have a certain defect which is identified by the buyer and then the unit returned to the manufacturer. The manufacturer fixes the problem and sells the unit as a refurb. A few things are adjusted including lowering price and reducing the warranty period.

On the other hand a used pressure washer is one that is resold by a DIY store after a return. Many people buy pressure washers for temporary use. After a weekend use, for example, they return it to the reseller to get part of their money back. Used pressure washers of this kind are an excellent candidate if you are out to save money and looking for something of high quality.

The strategy in getting a top of the range pressure washer for less involves looking for any of these two types of pressure washers i.e. refurbished or used. You can easily get good quality power washers at a low cost this way. You perhaps need to contact or physically visit a variety of DIY stores and online stores to look for the best pressure washer under any of these categories.

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