How to Get an Extreme Weight Loss

by GuestPoster on January 21, 2011

Do you have an extreme amount of weight to lose? If you do you might be despairing that it will take you forever to lose the necessary amounts of weight. However, extreme weight loss can be achieved both quickly and easily if you know the right way to do it while maintaining your health. In fact medical studies show that losing large amounts of weight, in this case extreme amounts of weight loss totaling over 100 pounds, is actually beneficial to your health if done in the proper way.

Below are four ways to get an extreme weight loss safely:

1. Choose a plan which focuses on nutrition. It is very important to maintain your health when losing extreme amounts of weight by choosing a plan which offers adequate nutrition. Crash diets will destroy your metabolism and ruin your overall health. Your goal is to become both healthier and more naturally beautiful by achieving the results you want without any long-term detriment to your body. The best way to do this is to plan to nourish your body adequately. So, it stands to reason that  choosing weight-loss plan which offers fresh whole foods is your most important goal. One of the best plans currently available, which also happens to be one of least expensive options, is a Weight Watchers plan. You can eat just about anything you want, and add whole foods in abundance to be sure you get the adequate attrition you need while dieting.

2. Kick up the exercise. It’s no secret that aerobic exercise helps burn calories, but one of the best kept secrets for losing large amounts of weight is to do regular weight training. Weight training and resistance training will help you to build muscle which takes more calories per pound to maintain than fat. It’s very important to add muscle rather than lose it when attempting to lose extreme amounts of weight.

3. Drink plenty of water. We all know we should you be drinking more water, but in fact most of our body mass is water and we needed to drink plenty of it to adequately function and help our metabolisms maintain a high level 0f functioning. Without adequate water you are actually slowing down your weight loss and can contribute plateaus which every dieter hates.

4. Be realistic in your weight loss goals. We may have over 100 pounds to lose but it’s important to realize that you can get an extreme weight loss in just one year by losing an average of 2 pounds weekly. Any sane and rational wieght loss plan including the Weight Watchers plan we discussed earlier should give you a steady weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week or more if you’re exercising regularly. There is no need to crash diet to get the weight-loss you want in your health will thank you for making realistic decisions in how you approach your weight-loss goals. Loosing weight too quickly is actually risky to your health. Focus on healthy lifestyle changes.

If you are just starting to lose weight you may feel like you have too far to go to actually realize your goals, but do not despair even adequate exercise of 30 minutes daily four days a week and a realistic eating plan will help you to lose extreme amounts of weight and become more naturally healthy and beautiful in just one short year.

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