How To Get Relief From Joint Pains Naturally

by GuestPoster on December 6, 2010

Instances of joint pain are a pretty common sight these days. And especially in case of old aged people, this problem seems the most widespread among a majority of them. Although there are plenty of remedies available in the market for relieving joint pains, this article looks at some of the time-tested formulas which have provided natural joint pain relief over the years.

Arthcare oil is a very effective external application extracted from herbs for applying on the affected joints, along with Shallaki (Boswellia). Arthcare oil is especially effective in strengthening bones and muscles in the body, while Shallaki proves pretty useful in reducing joint swelling and symptoms of joint stiffness during mornings. Shallaki is also proven to be effective in curing rheumatic arthritis as well.

Another wonder herb that works amazingly in relief for joint pain is Ashwagandha. Grown in high volumes across North America and Africa, this herb is known to act well in reducing fevers and promoting all-round health. The use of ginger root is also pretty old in treatment of inflammations. Being a touch spicy, the use of ginger root augurs really well in treatment of arthritis and also in health issues related to females.

A few other time-tested remedies include going for a warm bath after adding 2 full cups of Epsom salt. When the affected person soaks his affected joint in this tepid solution for about 30 minutes, the magnesium present in the salt gets absorbed by the joint, reducing the pain and swelling subsequently. Tea made from Papaya seeds is also quite effective in relieving the joint pain. Taking 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder in tepid water and taking it 3-4 times a day can treat arthritic pain. Eating Bananas can also help in reducing the swelling of joints. Taking just a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar can help in giving you considerable relief from joint pain in just a week’s time.

These are time-tested remedies that can help you find joint pain relief. But you also need to heed certain precautions, which suggest staying away from pork and beef meat, and only using yogurt among milk preparations for achieving good results. The great thing about these remedies is that they don’t have any side-effects, and you can easily lead a pain-free life afterwards.

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