How to Start Your Own Charity Golf Tournament ~ Tips to save you time and money

by GuestPoster on August 11, 2011

Having a charity golf tournament for a good cause can be a lot of fun.  It can also be a lot of work. Even with a group of people, having a tournament will take a lot of time setting up.  There are a lot of tasks that go in to having a golf tournament and will take a few months to set up correctly and successfully.  Here we will give you two key suggestions.  They are steps that will streamline your process and save you a ton of money and time.

The first step is to find at least three different people that have held successful charity golf tournaments, call them up and take them to lunch.  This serves as a brain picking session.  Finding someone that has had success at what you want to do always gives you a leg up in the goal.  Take some notes at lunch and have a good time.  There is a reason we meet with at least 3 people.  Some suggestions will be identical, but there will be a few that are completely different.  For example, a friend of mine that recently held a charity tournament was stumped on how to gather as many people he could to the tournament.  Then someone informed him about  This is an online service that has a database of thousands of people in each city in the US.  He offered tournament prices at a 50% discount and people flooded in to buy tickets to the tournament.  He raised $13,000 for is cause.  One little suggestion like that can make your tournament a massive success.

The next suggestion is to set a goal to have your attendees extremely happy and glad they attended the event.  You want the players to walk off the golf course with a satisfaction and fulfillment of making the correct choice to play in your tournament.  You also want to balance that with maximizing your profit.  This means do not prospect the attendee’s for every penny they have.  Have a few ways to generate income, while at the same time providing immense value.

Are you interested in learning more about raising money for charities.  We provide solutions for you.  Whether you are interested in a charity party or charity wristbands we will help you in your journey.

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