Ikea Bookcases – A Good Fit for Your Home

by GuestPoster on December 29, 2010

IKEA is known for selling home furniture; this includes different bookcase collections that are not seen from any other store. Whatever type, style, shape, size and color, you will definitely find one from IKEA.

For the bookcase collection, the most popular is the Expedit IKEA  bookcase. It has an unusual design but it is practical and looks great when accessorized. There are about 16 divisions, in which books and other items can be stored.

Ikea’s best selling bookcase is currently the Ikea Expedit bookcase. This bookcase has an interesting and unusual design. From the front, it looks like a 4 by 4 grid, thus there are 16 distinct sections in which you can store books or other items.

By having this type of design, you won’t have to purchase really long bookshelves. An IKEA Expedit was designed for small spaces, wherein you can use them to store various items like DVDs, trinkets or clothes.

With an Expedit bookcase, you can store up to 6 pounds for each section. Other bookcases have lower limit on the weight it can carry. That’s why the grid design of an Expedit has advantages.

If you frequently change homes, you might not want to consider this bookcase. An Expedit uses wall fasteners to be fixed on the wall. It is currently priced at $200, which is an excellent value for your money because of the storage space and weight limit for each section.

The Expedit is about 5 feet wide which make it a really large bookcase. It will definitely fit most users’ things. If you need a not so big bookcase, then you might want to consider the IKEA Billy bookcase. It is composed of 6 shelves and its design is more traditional than the Expedit.

Out of all traditional looking bookcases from IKEA, the Billy bookcase is the most popular. It stands at 6 feet tall and about 3 feet wide. This works for a small space in a room.

IKEA’s Billy bookcase and Expedit are only two of the best bookcases you will find. If you want to search for more bookcases, browse through their website. There’s an online catalogue of all items available in their retail stores.

To purchase an item from IKEA, you don’t always have to go to an official retail store. There are other stores that offer IKEA bookcase as well; you might even find bookcases from these stores cheaper than the ones found in IKEA.

Ikea rugs could look nice along with your new bookcase.

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