Inventions That Changed The World Irrevocably

by GuestPoster on September 29, 2011

Determining who to include on a list of inventions that changed the world is a daunting task. The criterion used should measure whether an invention had a major impact on society. Man has always used his natural curiosity and desire to make life better by inventing new tools. Coming up with a list of the best inventions is subject to individual opinions. Many inventions had an impact on hygiene and cleanliness such as sewers and indoor plumbing. This article will address two of the most life altering inventions in the modern day.

The Internet

Societies have had electronic telecommunications for quite awhile ever since Edison invented the telephone. But man envisioned something more and the internet became a reality.

It is impossible to identify one person who invented the internet. Leonard Kleinrock had the vision of large communication nets. Tim Berners-Lee developed the computer HTML language. These two men had a huge impact on the invention of the World Wide Web a huge network connecting information from every country in the world. No longer would there be a time lag in international communications. Documents could be scanned and immediately sent thousands of miles away. People can have inexpensive face to face communication with anyone else on the planet who has the correct computer program.

Computing Machines

The personal computer was very necessary or the internet would not have taken off as it was essential to get the internet into the homes of the consumers. The personal computer was the culmination of technology that brought such inventions as the calculator or the PDA. These inventions are so commonplace now we seldom think of them as a great innovation.

World changing inventions are those which cross man-made boundaries. They make human life more connected less isolated. They make humankind into one world community.

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