Ladybug Themed Baby Bedding for the Nursery

by GuestPoster on January 6, 2011

When parents find out they are expecting a new addition to the family, the nursery and the nursery theme is one of the first things they begin to think about.  If they wait to begin the nursery after the baby’s gender has been determined, parents generally begin looking for gender specific themes.  Assuming the parents have just learned they are expecting an infant girl, it is time to begin making decisions that will not only affect the nursery decor but the parents as well.  After all, the baby spends approximately 70% of its first year in the nursery and the crib.

When selecting the nursery decor, one of the first “filters” is generally the gender of the baby.  If the baby is a boy, more than likely the family will start with blue.  Of course, for the little girl, pink immediately comes to mind.  However, with so many new styles, colors and themes, more often than not the parents-to-be usually filter out the colors that designate the opposite gender and start from there.  That leaves a much more complete palette of colors and designs.

Working with the nursery for a little girl, the baby bedding is often the focal point and will set the theme for the decor.  With that in mind, parents need to decide on the overall color scheme and the theme.  Often parents select patterns that are replications of cartoon characters.  For example, new parents may begin with pink and decide on Dora the Explorer designs for the baby’s room.  More often than not, parents will select a more generic theme that can be modified at will.

One such nursery theme could begin with ladybug baby bedding.  The colors of the bedding available range from pastel pinks, to reds, to greens, all dotted with the little beetle.  The accessories can either be selected in the matching pattern or in solid colors that will complement the bedding.  By selecting solid accessories, the parents are leaving the nursery open to change as they see fit.

While ladybugs may not be every parent’s first choice, it will give parents an idea of the vast array of selections available that do not become character specific or limiting.  For parents who prefer something other than the ladybug decor, selecting a daisy pattern or a butterfly or dragonfly pattern could be a perfect option.  With so many selections available, parents probably should begin looking at color schemes and designs once they know the baby’s gender.  However, it may be best to look for a month or two before making the selection.  With so much from which to choose, chances are the parents-to-be will change their minds several times before the nursery is decorated.

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