Laser Hair Removal Training – A Good Career Move

by GuestPoster on January 2, 2011

If you are one of the many unfortunate who have joined the ranks of the unemployed or perhaps you are just emerging from school or college and the job market is not exactly welcoming you with open arms, then a career in laser application may be a great idea for you.  Attending laser hair removal school may be the first step in a new and growing field.

Laser treatments of various types have been around since the 1970’s but it’s only been in the past decade that it’s uses and popularity have exploded.  Lasers are used in all types of medical procedures especially in the cosmetic field.  Wrinkle removal, acne scar removal, mole removal, laser body hair removal, and many more procedures are successfully accomplished with laser treatments.  The booming laser hair removal and cosmetic business has give fuel to the medical spa industry.  Medical spas now operate with a large variety of lasers on site to treat a larger range of conditions.  This growth in the medical spas and cosmetic offices offers opportunities for people trained in the laser application field.

The FDA has set up guidelines regulating laser offices.  The guidelines are categorized in 3 different ways.  Your state determines the category guidelines to be followed.  Your first step in investigating laser hair removal as a career choice should be to find out the laws governing the laser clinics.

For two out of the three guidelines set forth by the FDA, it is possible for a laser trained technician to administer treatment.  For one of these the doctor doesn’t even have to be on site during the process.  But the doctor is ultimately held responsible so you know he’s going to make sure your training is sufficient and you are properly guided.  The doctor realizes the success of his business hinges on the quality achieved by his technicians and staff.  The second set of FDA rules dictates that the technician can perform the procedure but only in the company of the doctor on staff.  He must be in attendance in case his skills are needed.  Again, in this scenario the doctor will be sure the technician is properly trained and since he will be constantly observed, his skills will always be sufficient to please the doctor’s requirements.  In both cases, your job is interesting and offers a great opportunity to learn a skill in a growing field.

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