Make Easy Woodworking Holiday Gifts

by GuestPoster on December 14, 2010

The unemployment rate is the worst it has been since 1983 and is currently standing at 10.2%. One positive thing that has happened as a result of the bad economy is that people now tend to craft their own gifts rather than buy them. Low cost as well as the special meaning of crafting a gift for someone are both benefits of using crafts such as easy woodworking to make holiday gifts. Another incentive that goes with this is to start a woodworking hobby this season.

You can obviously save money by making your own gifts instead of buying them at a store. In these difficult economic times, people try hard not to run up high bills, especially during the holiday season. You will have to spend some money supplies and tools if you decide to make an easy woodworking project as a gift. This will however not nearly be as much as if you buy for instance clothing or electronics. In your own small way you will be helping the economy by spending some but also keeping your spending limited.

There is of course also a personal benefit that comes from giving someone a gift that you made yourself. A handmade gift made especially for someone comes from the heart and the recipient will know this. Making gifts for your family is good etiquette according to Amy Riestenberg of She says that there should never be a question of not doing it because it seems “cheap” – it is in fact totally appropriate. She points to the fact that the giver spending his or her time crafting the gift as the reason that it is better in many ways than a store-bought gift.

The holiday season gives you a great reason to start your first easy woodworking project, especially if you have been putting it off for a while. We all procrastinate. Sometimes a special reason is all it takes to get started. If you commit to making a birdhouse, stool, toy, or any other woodworking project as a gift, you will have a reason to stop procrastinating and get going. It might even be a good idea to buy yourself an early holiday gift in the form of woodworking tools.

Good reasons for crafting your own gifts this holiday season rather than buying them include saving money, letting someone know you care, and providing an impetus to get started in a craft like woodworking. The idea of making your own gifts is certainly not new, but this economy has made it more popular lately.

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