Max Factor Mascara

by GuestPoster on December 21, 2010

Max Factor and Company was founded by Polish-Jewish cosmetician Maximilian Factorowicz in 1909. He immigrated to Los Angeles, California in 1904 and aside from peddling his own product, he became the West Coast Distributor of Leichner and Minor who were the leading manufacturers of theatrical makeup. He created the first flexible theatrical greasepaint in 1914 and become an authority on cosmetics. In 1926, he created the first theatrical water proof makeup. The pan-cake makeup was developed in 1938. His son, Max Factor Jr. developed a smear proof lipstick called Tru-Colors which has 6 variety of red. Max Factor launched the first clear mascara in 1988.

Max Factor No Color Clear Mascara will enhance your lashes’ natural look to make that translucent makeup. It has a brush on application to create that soft feather light lashes. It is lightweight and doesn’t cause flaking, smudging or even clumping. Your lashes are made supple and soft by its rich conditioning formula. The lash separator brush ensures separation of your individual lashes and can also be used to define the shape of your brows. They have been tested for quality.

These are the ingredients of No Color Clear Mascara:
• Water
• Alcohol Denatured- or methylated spirit is poisonous ethanol that is usually used as a solvent and preservative.
• Triethanolamine- is an organic chemical compound also known as TEA. Its serves as a pH balancer, emulsifier and surfactant. It has high alkalinity and has a pH10 while the skin is only pH7. It is still widely used as an added ingredient for cosmetics though earlier reports suggest the possibility that it will become nitrosamines or chemical compounds that is carcinogenic. It causes allergies.
• Carbomer-is synthetic molecular polymers made of acrylic acid that can be used for dispersing, thickening, emulsifying and suspending agent in cosmetics. They can absorb water and swell in their original volume.
• Polyvinyl Alcohol-is a synthetic polymer that is water soluble. It has an adhesive and emulsifying property that is grease, solvent and oil resistant.
• Trisodium EDTA-it can reduce the metal ions reactivity usually found in chemical products.
• Imidazolidinyl Urea-used because of its antibacterial power.
• Methylparaben-is an antifungal agent.
• Glycerin- it provides lubrication and improves smoothness of the product.
Max Factor was acquired by Procter and Gamble by 1991 and during the first part of 2010; they decided to discontinue Max Factor in the US though it is still being marketed to the rest of the world. It is also available exclusively at for US residents.

Max Factor knows clear mascara. With him you can be sure to have cover girl style.

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