Mind Machine Devices: 5 Reasons to Consider Buying One

by GuestPoster on September 28, 2011

A mind machine is a device that leverages both sound and light to alter the state of mind of the person wearing it. They look hilarious to wear but are amazing to experience. If you’re interested in what these amazing little devices can do, here are 5 reasons you should look at when sizing one up for purchase.

The cheapest mind machines start off around $100. They are built to last and unless you throw it, drop it, or sit on the glasses, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of owning such a device for years to come. While $100 or more might sound expensive at first, over the years of owning a device you’ll see that it’s really a small price to pay for the benefits below.

Many people use mind machine devices as a meditation tool. Putting on headphones and glasses is a good way to start the process of blocking the external world out and focusing on the inner self and your breath. Many devices come programmed with sessions specifically optimized for meditation work. One of these is the Sirius Mind State Optimizer, a fantastic entry level mind machine from Mind Alive.

Light and Sound technology is great for assisting in falling asleep. In fact, it works so well you might find yourself napping during a session even when you don’t mean to! Because of its ability to help with sleep problems, you’ll find most devices come equipped with sessions specifically designed to for delta brainwaves, which is the brainwave state the brain is in during deep sleep.

Similar to the above reason, these devices are fantastic at simply helping you de-stress at the end of a hard day. They let you step inside a different world for a moment and unwind. The visuals and the sounds create a whole different atmosphere for your mind to swallow up, allowing you to just let go. Despite all the other uses of the technology, I’d guess that most people enjoy them for this reason over anything else.

Finally, it would be a crime not to mention how entertaining it is to just sit back and let the world of the mind machine come to you. People see all sorts of beautiful scenes that emerge from the swirling LED lights of the goggles. It’s like something from Disney’s Fantasia movie. You never know exactly what your mind will piece together out of the over flowing surge of changing lights coming through your closed eyelids in connection to the brainwave entrainment sounds from the headphones.

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