Money Saving Tips For Every Family Out There

by Kelvin Redfield on December 18, 2011

With the current state of the economy being what it is, the first impulse of many is to get mad. Indeed, there may be numerous good reasons to be angry as financial malfeasance and just plain thievery on a grand scale really does seem to behind many of the serious financial and economic problems currently being faced by our nation. Worse, almost no one is being punished for it or halting the massive transfer of wealth. Nevertheless, most of us simply aren’t able to occupy our local version of Wall Street and have lives to lead and, a lot of the time, families to care for. So, here are few ideas for saving money.

Cut down on rent

Rent and/or mortgages are, for most of us, our biggest single expense, but many people are simply unrealistic when it comes to living arrangements. If you’re broke, single, and living in a one-bedroom apartment, you’re simply going to have to consider a roommate situation. If you’re a parent with a growing family and considering a move to a larger apartment or home, perhaps you should table that notion indefinitely and purchase one or two bunkbeds instead and make the most of the household space you have.

Shop wisely

Too many of us are addicted to name brands, but the fact of the matter is that for very many products the “off brand” version is pretty much identical to the name brand and will often be a fraction of the price. However, we admit that there is often a bit of a taste issue at hand. As an example, we love Tabasco brand hot sauce and it does have a slightly different, and we think noticeably superior, flavor compared to it’s best known competitor, Crystal, and some other brands we occasionally buy. We do we still sometimes those other brands? It’s the difference between spending $5.00 for a medium sized bottle and $1.50 or even less for an identically sized/potent product that’s actually pretty good. We buy Tabasco when it’s on sale and the rest of the time, we just force ourselves to use Crystal or some other good brand, which is hardly the worst punishment we know.

Also, depending on your local stores, it may make sense to clip coupons. If geography forces you to shop at a somewhat more expensive grocery stores that nevertheless offer double coupons, you can often make a gigantic difference in how much you’re spending by taking advantage of coupons you can find in your local newspaper and elsewhere.

Do not, however, under any circumstances contemplate saving money by invoking the well-known “five-finger discount.” Many stores are cracking down on shoplifting in a serious way. The next kids bunk beds you want to see are the ones you purchased at your home to save money, not the cheap bunk beds at the county jail.

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