Monokini Swimsuits: They Came, They Saw, They Conquered

by GuestPoster on February 17, 2012

An Austrian named, Raudi Gernreich, in 1964, designed a garment in America which was considered to be one of the most scandalous garments of all time. The very design of this swimsuit was basically topless with very delicate fabric beneath. It was called monokini by its creator himself. Even with all the critiques and negative remarks around 3000 monokinis were sold within a year for only $25 per suit.

The Modern Monokini
When the monokinis hype rose to a whole new level, designers came up with various new styles that contained the basic mean of monokinis. In early days, monokini was made of only one piece with two straps and very slim fabric for the base. Today, monokini still makes a woman look incredibly hot. They now come in various colors as well as designs.

Nowadays monokinis have very unique style, which looks not only sexy but also very elegant. Some monokinis have a ring as a connector while in other monokini swimsuits the top is connected to the bottom by a very slim fabric. Some look really epic with cutouts from the side of the stomach, while others give a classy, elegant look with a round cutout in the middle of the stomach area.

The Price
Prices for monokinis vary greatly. Cheap monokinis can be bought for as low as $35 but there are more expensive monokinis with unique fabrics that may cost up to $100.

When talking about monokinis, the prices of these swimsuits can vary a lot. You can find cheap monokinis for only $35, while others can be expensive with quite extraordinary design, which can cost you about $100. However, if you find a monokini sale you can get yourself a good monokini at a reasonable price.

How to Shop for Monokinis
When you decide to shop for a monokini, do note that it can be very tricky. There might be thousands of monokinis out there but they do not fit on every body type. The biggest thing to need to keep in mind before you buy a monokini for yourself is your figure & body type. If you have bigger breasts, buy the one with an underwire bra. If you have smaller breasts then get yourself a strapless top. You can also wear halter tops. However, if you have long legs, then buy the monokini which has a smaller cut on the side of each leg. Buy one with longer cuts, if you have small legs. With a good monokini, you can always find a way to highlight your figure.

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