Moving On After A Break Up

by Kelvin Redfield on August 19, 2011

Have you just experienced a painful breakup recently? Are you having a difficult time to adjust to your life after the breakup? Are you still thinking about your ex? You have tried to move on, but nothing seems to be working right now? I know it is difficult for someone to put his life back together after a breakup. In fact, many people have had go through a breakup at least once in their lives. Under this situation, it is normal for you to have so many conflicting thoughts running over your head, and you do not know which path you should take.

People who are had a break up generally will try many things to move on. Some of them will try to keep in touch with their ex, and clinging on the hope that their ex will change their mind and come back to their side in the future. While others will go overboard and begging their ex to come back. Hate to say, but this kind of act rarely takes the pain away. In fact, you will end up feeling worse and powerless. If you are looking from the wider perspective, maintaining a regular contact with your ex is actually a bad move. It will end up opening the wounds that have been inflicted from your previous relationship with her. It is basically tearing open a scab and never allowing it to completely heal.

So, what is the appropriate method to move forward after a painful breakup? Well, it is very simple actually, although it may be difficult for certain individuals. Basically, you need a clean break from your ex. You are not going to establish any contacts with your ex for certain periods. You are going to use the time to heal your heart and ease your mind, unless the circumstances do not allow you to do so; for example, she is working with you at the same company. In that case, you just need to be civil. You shouldn’t engage any deep or meaningful conversation with her. Just keep it to a surface talk. That should do a trick to your situation.

So, how long should you avoid your ex? It depends on the individuals. Some people take a month to move on, while someone needs a year. Whether you need a month or a year, you should not lose focus. There is a high chance you will not engage into a new relationship in this moment. So, you should use the time to improve something important in your life; socialize or working. You may take some time to organize your thoughts and feelings toward the relationship and the breakup.

The biggest key to move on is to forgive your ex, whether she is hurting you or not and let go of all the anger and bitterness you have toward them. If you are unable to let go those feelings, you are the one who will end up suffering; mentally and physically. People who let go their past are generally had an easier time to moving on than people who don’t.

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