Neostrata Products: Should You Even Give It A Try?

by GuestPoster on December 5, 2010

A myriad of skin care products are now coming up with convincing claims that keenly affect consumers and all of these are part of a marketing strategy. One of the products that have received both negative and positive feedbacks is Neostrata. The company was established by Dr. Yu and Dr. Van Scott. This product contains AHA which contributes to the process of skin rejuvenation. If you have been purchasing acne cleansers, acne cream and other acne formula this ingredient can be found in them. What is so special about this ingredient? If you want to achieve glowing and healthy looking skin, AHA can provide you both.

Aside from AHA, the product also contains salicylic acid, glycolic acid and other ingredients that can help nourish the skin. If you have dry skin, using this product will also help your skin stay hydrated as it also serves as moisturizer. You can use it anytime and it will not leave an oily feel. For those who want to have a soft and clear skin, this product will be able to help you achieve it.

The reason why this product has received numerous complaints is its side effects which include itching, burning sensation and redness. It may not also give you the result you want especially if you have sensitive skin. You will also have a hard time purchasing it if you are living outside the US and Canada. If you are going to use the toner, cream and cleanser all together, you have to apply it in the evening as you have to spend so much time on applying each product.

For those who are living outside the US and Canada, the only way to purchase the product is from the official website. Shipping fee is waived for orders of $75 and above. You will also receive a wristlet and 5 free product samples. Along with these, you can also avail of buy 1 get 1 promotions. If you need information regarding the authorized retailers and pharmacies in the US and Canada, you can get it via the website.

Neostrata products are quite expensive as compared to its competitors. In spite of the fact that it is one of the popular names in beauty and skin care products, it has failed to provide users with an effective solution to various skin problems. You may also need to seek advice from a dermatologist if you are experiencing the aforementioned side effects for a long period of time. This may also mean that you have to spend lots of cash just to repair the damage. To be safe, better consult a skin care expert than be consumed by regrets in the end.

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