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by GuestPoster on February 14, 2012

Having trouble formatting your newsletter? Keep it simple. That is the key. Overly cluttered newsletters speak to nobodyallow your articles to do the talking. If necessary, plot room for charts or graphics, but keep these simple and offer full explanation of their relevance directly beneath the graphic inset. More often than not, newsletters are offered as mirrors of newspapersbased upon columns and rapid access to information. Why rock the boat, or reinvent the wheel, it has been working for decades for those folks. Be certain that you set up the template prior to writing content. This will allow you to determine how much of what sort of content that you want to include.

A common mistake is offering a message, such as a Letter from the CEO or Letter from the Publisher on the front page. Dont bury the message, but keep in mind that this is rarely the reason your readers pick up the newsletter. Set up the newsletter template in a way that offers engaging information, think lead-in story or breaking news on the front page. You dont want your readers skimming from the start. The best layout tips are the ones already in circulation. Though your content and voice may differ from the New York Times, or a professional trade newsletter that you receive, you format need not differ. There is a science to why they structure the way they do: it works.

Rule number one of the newsletter template is to make it simple to read and understand, and easy to navigate. Do this by thinking one thing: layout does not impress, content does. Keep distracting graphics and ads to a minimum if possible and deliver the content quickly. The most commonplace method of doing this is by offering a rapid lead-in, followed by two newsy, interest pieces on the front page. Support your information and take an interest in your reader by making these articles about their lives or an event that might impact their lives directly.

Well refer to the remaining newsletter as page two. The page two newsletter templates are freer flowing. This is often where you can identify editorial pieces, the Letters from higher-ups and so forth. Advice columns are great on page two as well. The newsletter layout is truly less important than the content that is produced on its pages. But, it should not be overlooked. Boring layout makes bored readers. Overly excited layouts may overly excite the readers into action other than reading the content. Find a happy medium and stick with it.

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