Why the Nice Guy Has a Hard Time To Get Woman’s Interest?

by Kelvin Redfield on May 16, 2011

Sometime, you do wonder why attractive women show more interest toward bad boys instead of a nice guy? What are a nice guy lacks compare to bad boys? This is one of the popular question that every men; especially the nice guy, still asking, even in the present.

What the nice guy doesn’t know is that they are acting far too nice toward women. Although, it is very common for men to please the women by giving flowers or presents or asking out for a dinner or a walk, but the nice guys somewhat overdid. Most men are very needy when it comes to women. The purpose can be love or sex. They want women to love them, so they can feel good about their life and themselves. But what most men didn’t know is that women love the challenge and not a weakling or wuss. Women love a confident, strong and sexy man.

Attraction and emotion are always not logical. Being too nice to a woman doesn’t make them attracted to you. I know that this is a hard fact to shallow, but this reality. If a woman does not show any interest to you after a first contact, then you should move on for the next woman. Changing a woman’s opinion can be difficult if she just wants to be friends. There is no guarantee that she will change her mind after you put your effort to woo her. In general perspective, it is easier for one to move on than wasting the time.

If you don’t have many female friends in your circle, you can always visit some Internet dating site for more exposure. Just remember to put some good photo of you. If possible, try to write some cocky profile of yours. This will give many women the impression that you are very selective, not desperate or needy for women. Women would love this.

If you try to look this issue from a different perspective, you will be surprised that there are many women actually looking for good quality men. Dating a few women at once will help you to decide which women are not suitable for your preference and you can move on easily without hurting both parties. If you have a difficulty to approach attractive women, then you should man up and try to approach them. While it is scary at the first time, but if you are keeping doing it despite being rejected, you will soon overcome this weakness. This is a big step for a man. Why would you want to be afraid of attractive women for your whole life? Women usually give a position respond if you approach them with confident manner.

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