No need for a personal injury settlement calculator.

by GuestPoster on July 11, 2011

The personal injury settlement calculator will make your estimation easy when finding out the value of your car accident lawsuit. The personal injury settlement calculator will take your property damages, your bodily injuries, and your special damages and add them all together and add a multiplier to the medical damages in order to create special damages which are also often called pain and suffering.

Depending on the amount of injuries you have suffered, the higher the multiplier will be on the medical damages. So if you are only injured by a minor amount then you will also only get a small multiplier. If you are injured by about $100,000 dollars, then you will get a much higher multiplier that will open doors for a big pay day at the end.

So, not to make you weird about it, but you should know that after you pay your attorney and all of your medical bills back, you will probably only end up with a check that is for approximately the value of your special damages. You need to pay your attorney at least twenty five percent and maybe as much as forty five percent of your total check. After that you need to pay back your medical bills. Finally, if you were in a car accident and are with a car accident lawyer then you are very close to where you need to be with your best settlement. Never take the case all the way to trial. The risk is not worth the reward and is something of a conundrum. The only time to take it all the way to trial is if you want to set new law, but you’re not a car accident lawyer, you just want your money, you don’t care about the long term law, so go get your settlement based off the personal injury settlement calculator.

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No need for a personal injury settlement calculator., 2.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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