Non Surgical Hair Replacement Prices Are Lower

by GuestPoster on February 28, 2012

Alopecia, which is more widely known as hair loss, is a problem that burdens millions of men and women all over the world. However, this bald spot can be covered up by a non surgical hair replacement system and this method may be suitable for you. Hair restoration systems are also called hair pieces and they are poles apart from the traditional toupees that you usually see in scenes of old comedy movies. I am sure you are familiar with these movies where the toupee gets  caught on the doorway as the man passes through it or the one where it falls off his head and into the soup. Those days are basically nonexistent today for people who want to cover up their bald spots and restore their young-look with a full head of hair.

There are several kinds of hair replacements to choose from at present and a very important goal is to get the one that is best suited for you. If you are just in the planning stages, I recommend that you check out several opinions about hair systems so that you can have a better understanding of what is available.

One option that many people prefer to have is hair replacement surgery. This option is really effective but there are some issues that you have to deal with. First of all is its cost. It is not uncommon anymore that the price of a hair transplantation surgery may run about $20,000. This is a very large amount for the average person. The cost of each hair implanted unit is about $3 to $8 and the usual number of hair units needed as implants to cover huge bald spots is between 1000 to 3000 hair units.

On the other hand, You can pay lower hair restoration prices by choosing a replacement system.  Nonsurgical hair replacement systems include having a covering for the head that is made of a base material which has natural or artificial hairs embedded in it. There are several options to consider if you want to try this hair loss treatment method and it will really make a big difference on the hair replacement cost. There are several options for what base material to use and you can select between natural hair and artificial hair.

Check out this low cost solution today.  If you are tired of looking ten or fifteen years older than your actual age then today is the day you can make a difference.  Baldness is one of the reasons that women over estimate the age of a man so if you want to look better to the ladies then replace that lost hair and look younger.

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