Oakley Splice Goggles: Style And Function

by GuestPoster on April 19, 2011

Aside from the price and durability, more and more consumers are now looking into the style before they buy a certain product. This trend has crept into the buying decisions of consumers of goggles and sunglasses. That’s the reason why Oakley has decided to design and produce trendy and stylish goggles and sunglasses.

The Oakley Splice goggles are popular among consumers who love to wear stylish accessories. But, to set the record straight, these goggles are not just accessories because they play a big role and that’s to protect the eyes and make sure that no foreign bodies will get inside.

Many athletes engaged in winter sports choose these goggles over others because they love the colors and they feel comfortable when they are wearing these. Additionally, the lenses of these goggles don’t fog, which can be attributed to the adequate air flow and the anti-fog treatment being incorporated. With these goggles, you can’t say that you are buying them for the style alone because they are so functional.

The lens material being used is the Plutonite®, which is similar to the sunglasses. This material can prevent radiation from entering the eyes. But, it’s quite sensitive so wearers should handle the Oakley Splice goggles to avoid the scratches. If the lenses are scratched, then the appearance will surely be affected and we don’t want to buy replacement lenses immediately because they are also expensive.

Another stylish product from Oakley is the Oakley Half Wire sunglasses, which also look unique and innovative because of the open-edge lenses design. This design of the lenses ensures that wearers will enjoy an unobstructed downward view while at the same time they can filter out all ultraviolet eyes. The Unobtainium® stem sleeves are capable of maintaining the right grip, which is not too tight. These are recommended for athletes because they will not fall off easily.

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