How Should I Paint and Decorate My Kids Bedroom?

by GuestPoster on February 18, 2011

Well, the way your kids bedroom should be painted varies. As your kid grows up and starts developing tastes, you should also paint your kids bedroom accordingly.   For now, you should paint your baby’s room with the appropriate colors according to your baby’s gender.   For example, if your baby is a boy, you should paint your kids bedroom in different hues of blue.   Traditionally, blue has always been the right color for boys.   You can also have different masculine motifs for a boy’s bedroom.  You can make the curtains of your bedroom with material that has designs of fire engines, police cars, army camouflage, sea motif, or other masculine occupations.   You can also use motifs such as cars, boats, trains, or airplanes.

If your baby is a girl, on the other hand, you should paint your kids bedroom different hues of pink or rose color.   Traditionally, for girls, pink is the color.   Furthermore, you will want to decorate your baby girl’s room with things that are more feminine, such as dolls, curtains that have lace edges, and more girl motifs.  Some of these motifs can include animals, such as puppy or kitten faces, teddy bears, etc.   For decorative soft toys, you should think about stocking your kids bedroom with large and small stuffed animals, dolls which your baby or toddler can play with, etc.  When it comes to dolls and stuffed animals, however, you should pay close attention to choking hazards.   Make sure that the eyes on stuffed animals are not the kind that can easily get unglued or sewn on in such a way that your baby can easily take off and put into her mouth.

Toddler furniture and bedroom accessories such as convertible baby cribs, changing station, changing mats, beddings, closets etc. should also complement the theme of your kids room. Make sure that there is enough space for you and your baby can freely move.

Furthermore, when your baby becomes a toddler, you will discover that he or she will first begin to crawl and then walk.   This means that your kid will be ready to explore his or her environment, play with toys or other items in your kids bedroom.   This can be quite a challenge.   You need to make sure that your toddler’s bedroom is safe and your toddler can easily and safely play with the things in the room.

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