Perfume Review: Happy In Bloom by Clinique

by GuestPoster on March 17, 2012

The original Clinique Happy was such a huge success that it immediately inspired its creator a new fragrance: Clinique Happy in Bloom, launched in 2006. as a limited edition.

It is an upbeat fragrance for happy young girls. The start is with juicy fruity notes, followed by  gent florals like white freesia, mimose and lily of the valley. The base is with mimose and white wood.

Unlike other spin-offs of the original like Happy Heart or Happy To Be, which have independent notes, standing out as completely different fragrances, In Bloom really feels very close to the original, with the same notes, although arranged in a different way, and with a new balance between the fruity and the floral aromas.

The opening is fresh and very similar to the original Happy perfume, although with less intense orange  notes. It is rather focused on the floral mix that stands out in the middle phase of the first Happy. All in all it is lighter,  and with a more intense feeling of red fruits, which won’t interfere with the dominant floral. In the middle phase the fruits tend towards orange, becoming more intense than the florals. Again, at this stage it is similar to the original, but softer, and also remains unchanged throughout the middle phase. In the final notes, it keeps the same aroma of the middle notes, but the oranges are more lemony.

Although very close to the original, it seems that the purpose of this Happy In bloom was to create a new balance of the notes of the first Happy perfume: fresher and lighter or the floral side, with a stronger presence of fruity notes, less bitter, and with a younger and more informal air. It is still suitable for any time of the year, although it tends more towards summer. In an office environment it feels clean and professional, and from this respect it is something between Happy Heart and Happy To Be. For a  night use, it is less informal than Happy, and on the romantic side, the orange is quite attractive, keeping a nice and intriguing level of innocence at the same time, the same quality of another young fragrance: Curious Britney Spears perfume. The ideal age range starts from 20 and goes t0 45.

Visit my site for a review of the orginal Happy by Clinique, both for men and women, plus dozens of more fragrances.

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