Playing airsoft gun

by GuestPoster on December 24, 2010

Playing airsoft gun is such an adventurous and challenging game. Many people these days are already starting to play this game. If you are planning to play this game, then these simple tips will greatly help you.

  1. Choose your Gun – one of the key factors in order for you to have a greater chance of winning an airsoft competition is for you to choose your guns properly. Remember that your gun is your weapon in the game, and that it is the one that will keep you alive. Think of it as your best friend. While you are buying a gun, see to it that you are comfortable with that gun. If you are not comfortable with a gun, then buying it would be a bad idea. Aside from being comfortable, another thing that you should look for a gun is the features that it has. Pick a gun that is accurate. Accuracy and power are the key things that you should look for in a gun. An accurate shot will increase your chance of winning and survival. The farther the pellet of your gun will travel the better is it for you. Being able to hit your target at a long distance will give your enemy a hard time shooting back at you. Only buy airsoft guns that you are comfortable with.
  1. Stay Small – staying small in your target’s eye is very important. Every expert airsoft players know this. The smaller you look from the eye of your enemy, the lesser the chances of them hitting you. Crouching a little while running and hiding is a great way of making yourself small. But remember, there are also times wherein you do not have to do this. But this does not mean that you have to crouch all the time. There are also times when you have to stay away from this position just like when you need to move fast.
  1. Peeking – a very important thing that you should put in mind when peeking is not to look over an obstacle but instead to look around it, that is looking on its side. Looking on top of an obstacle will expose a huge part of your head. While peeking on the side of that obstacle will only expose a very small portion of your body. This helps you hide your head from your enemy’s view, thus lessening the chance of you getting shot.

Following those simple steps above will surely help you win a game of airsoft.

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