Polar Heart Rate Monitors Fs2c – A Brief Polar Fs2c Review

by GuestPoster on December 21, 2010

If you are looking for a bare bones training watch, that is reliable, comfortable to wear and looks good on your wrist, while performing the basic tasks you need without issues, then you would do well to consider one of the many great heart rate training watches from Polar, like the Polar Fs2c watch for instance. While Polar are best known for their efficient and highly effective wrist watch computer watches, they are also capable of producing some great entry-level watches as well. The rest of this article is a brief Polar Fs2c review, that highlights the essential features of this watch.

The Polar Fs2c watch is a digital training watch that is presented in a black and attractive case and features a large digital display that is easy to read while you are in the middle of a hard workout. As you would expect in a Polar watch, The Polar heart rate monitors Fs2c features the ability to link up with a heart rate monitor chest strap and display your heart rate information to you while you are running. The T31 heart rate monitor chest strap that is provided with this sports watch is designed with a digital coded transmission signal that prevents against crosstalk interference from other heart rate devices in the local vicinity.

The Polar Fs2c heart rate monitor watch supports heart rate zone training ability, with a target heart rate zone alarm that is activated when your heart rate is outside of your target zone. The benefit of training with a heart rate zone is that it can help you stay at the right intensity that is in line with your larger fitness goal. For instance if you are trying to burn calories and lose weight, then it has been proven to be more effective to train at a lower aerobic intensity, so by setting your target zone low, you ensure that you are training at the correct level.

To set up a target zone on the Polar Fs2c, you must enter the details manually. If you would prefer a watch that can set up your heart rate zone automatically based on your maximum heart rate, then you may wish to look at the Polar Fs3c watch, which can do this, but costs a little more money. This ends our brief Polar Fs2c heart rate monitor review. In summary, this is a simple, reliable and cost-effective sports watch, that can help guide you to your fitness goals. One of the best places to purchase this watch is the internet where the best prices are usually found. If you’d like to read more about the Polar heart rate monitor Fs2c watch, then follow the links provided to visit our website.

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