The Popular Acne Treatment – What Could It Be?

by Kelvin Redfield on July 7, 2011

All over the world people knows that acne breakout can be extremely irritating and embarrassing experience. No one would like to have acne appear on their face. But sometime, it is not something we can control over, especially when you’re a young and inexperienced teenager. While there are many acne treatments available, you do not know which acne treatment is the best for you. Certain acne treatments may work extremely effective on others, but that does not mean that it will work the same for you. It takes a lot of research and testing to pin-point an effective treatment for you. The most popular acne treatments are bactericidal, natural acne treatments, and hormonal therapy.

The most common acne treatment method would be topical bactericidal. These products usually contain a chemical known as benzoyl peroxide, and it can be easily found at any nearby pharmacy. Benzoyl peroxide is basically oxidizer mild bleach, which will dissolving the keratin that cause blocked the skin pores. A proper usage will also help to prevent new acne breakouts from happening. These topical bactericidal usually comes in 2 forms, ointment form or foam wash. For the ointment, you should apply it on the affected area of your skin twice a day. Just remember not to overuse the topical bactericidal as excessive usage can cause your skin dry and irritating your skin.

If you dislike the idea of using topical bactericidal products, you can try the natural or homemade acne treatment. You will be surprised that there are so many natural ingredients that can be used to treat your acne. Tea tree oil and Witch hazel are some of the popular natural acne products. The tea tree oil contains antibacterial oil, which will prevent your skin from any further infection. The origins of tea tree oil are produced from the leaves of an Australian shrub, which it is known as Melaleuca Alternifoila. Just like the topical bactericidal products, you apply the oil on the affected skin areas. The tea tree oil will leave your skin tingling with a cool and fresh sensation. If your skin is the sensitive one, witch hazel is your choice. Witch hazel is a natural astringent; it is very soft and will not strip your skin’s moisture. For the oily skin, you should use rosewood oil to reduce the amount of sebum that your skin produces.

Balancing your hormones levels can reduce and minimize the frequency and intensity of acne outbreaks. That is why birth control pills (for women) often reduce acne breakouts; due to the combination of controlled progestogen and estrogen. However, it has many side effects. Obviously, one should take this pill with proper guidance from a physician.

Among all of the acne treatment, bactericidal treatment is the most widely used. It is because those topical bactericidal products are easy to get and it is affordable for everyone. It is worth to mention that the amount of people who are trying to use natural acne remedies is increasing over time. If your acne condition is extremely severe, it is wise for you to consult with the dermatologist. An ordinary medicine usage will not do.

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