Popular Furniture Included In The Top Contemporary, Rustic And Pine Bedroom Furniture Sets

by GuestPoster on November 25, 2011

It can be quite a task to find the perfect furniture for your unique master bedroom. The Metro Faux Leather Bed, Swiss Lux European-Style Foam Mattress, and Vermont Six-Drawer Lingerie Chest are three popular bedroom furniture pieces that include simple attractive designs and are affordable. I first discovered these pieces in some of the finest contemporary, rustic and pine bedroom furniture sets on the market. They have been built by companies who have been creating stylish pieces to households for years and will greatly enhance your home.

We found the Metro Black Leather Bed to be an extra large size bed compared to other Queen size beds. It includes a well-crafted bent frame that ensures this bed will last years. You do not need to include a box spring foundation as this stand alone bed is built to stand all on its own. The Metro Bed includes the highest quality faux leather and the upholstery looks almost exactly like real leather. The black leather finish will add a heightened elegance and sophistication to your bedroom.

The Swiss Lux European-Style Mattress is perfect for combining with any platform bed or slatted standard frame-style bed. The base helps promote perfect spinal alignment and there are intelligently placed pressure points throughout to disperse weight. The Swiss Foam Mattress is a well-designed memory foam that does not move when your partner moves so that you both can remain undisturbed through the night. It has a comfy support mattress to give you a peaceful rest each night. Found in the top contemporary master bedroom sets, the Swiss Lux Mattress is virtually maintenance free as it only requires a little spot cleaning from time to time and doesn’t require any flipping.

Despite its quality, the Vermont Six-Drawer Lingerie Chest is priced lower compared to many other chest pieces. It is easy to set this bed up in no time with clear directions and no tools required. The Vermont Six-Drawer Chest also includes ultra smooth ball bearing drawers that glide in and out. It combines the style of most traditional or classic rustic bedroom furniture pieces with simplicity. Push this chest against a wall to open up a lot of space in your bedroom. You can also compliment this chest with the entire Vermont bedroom set for a complete bedroom make-over.

These three exceptional furniture pieces have been proven to provide joy to an array of customers. We have surveyed several people who have tested these bedroom pieces and they claim that they continue to deliver excellent value over time. They are found in some of the top contemporary, rustic and pine bedroom furniture sets on the market and will significantly enhance and uplift the style and comfort of your home.

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