Preparing for a Gynecomastia Surgery

by GuestPoster on May 7, 2011

Gynecomastia is one condition most men do not really want to deal with. The chests enlarging and looking like a woman’s breasts can be emasculating. Though the pseudo kind of it can be eliminated through diet and exercise, it will still take a lot of time before it can be achieved. However, gynecomastia surgery is the best solution for this, but one must prepare for a lot of relative things to it rather than just for the plastic surgery costs.

Preparing for the procedure very well is like giving yourself a preview of how successful the results will be. The surgeon you will choose can pretty much assure how much change can be done to your chests. Better find one that specializes in male breast reduction surgery so you will not end up having chests that looks like it was Frankestein’s creator who did it to you. They may be pricey but they will ensure that your chest will have fewer scars as possible and it will be made in a way that it is now more masculine.

You as a patient also plays a big role in preparing yourself for the surgery. Follow all the pre-operative instructions of your surgeon. Skip the boys night out weeks prior to the surgery so you will not be pressured into drinking and smoking. The alcohol in beverages and the ingredients of a cigarette can affect your body’s capability to heal. So if you did not stopped having them then you would have to deal with longer gynecomastia recovery.

You also have to stop taking certain medications like aspirin as it can thin out the blood. When your blood is thinner, the tendency for you to lose a lot of blood during surgery is a great possibility. Also, stop taking steroids as it can just worsen your condition. It has been proven in studies that steroids can reduce the number of testosterone in a male’s body.

Eat the right kind of foods and get as much rest as possible. Be at your best shape for the surgery so you will know that your body will be able to handle the demands of it. Also, keep only positive thoughts about the procedure so your mind will not be clouded with unnecessary thoughts that may just have you slip away and get depressed after the procedure. Remember that after the procedure you can be that macho man, mentally and physically. Just prep yourself for it so you can be sure that it will go as successful as it was planned to be.

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