Re-unite with Your Loved After The Break-up Incident

by Kelvin Redfield on July 12, 2011

When it comes to the relationships, there are many reasons or factors can cause a couple to break-up. Even a minor misunderstanding can end the relationship really fast. Sometime, you may even felt silly after you broke-up with your loved one. The things that caused the break-up suddenly become so minor and pointless when you analyzed the entire situation. That is what happens when you let your emotion run wild during the argument between you and your loved one.

While you may not the one who initiated the argument or break-up, you may have said something terrible to your partner during the argument. It is understandable as people tends to lose their judgment when they are angry. You may disagree with your partner on certain things, but you should never allow a disagreement to escalate into an uncontrollable rage and anger.

If you are now in a broken relationship, perhaps it is a good time for you to reflecting back on the entire break-up incident. Could the entire break-up completely avoided if you didn’t lose your composure during that time? Well, there is nothing you can do since it already happened. If you don’t want to lose your loved one and wish to re-unite with him/her, then you need to act now before someone steals your sweetheart away.

Here are 3 tips for you to consider if you are serious about getting your ex back to your side. Mind you, you may want to put your ego aside on this matter. Don’t let your ego clouded your judgment again. It is hard to salvage the relationship for the third time if you are screwed up in the second attempt. It is also worth to note that these tips only works if both of you are still loving with each other.

Willing to forgive: It is hard for a person to say “I’m sorry” when they have the feeling that their apology will not be accepted easily. In this situation, you should listen to what your partner wish to say and allow your partner to express his/her regrets to you. Don’t interrupt your partner when he/she is talking, even if you are disagreeing with your partner’s confession. Let your partner finishing his/her words.

Willing to Admit you are wrong: You can say that “stubbornness” is the key that ended many relationships. Ask yourself, is it really worth for you to lose your loved one because of the petty anger? Analyze the pros and cons of your action. Just a simple word, “I’m sorry and I am wrong”, and you can find yourself is re-uniting with your loved one in no time.

Don’t be afraid of your feelings: Before you go out to find your ex, it is important for you to reunite with yourself first. With your current emotion state, it would be wise for you to calm down and relax. You can either read some inspirational books or listen to the inspirational music. You must not let your emotions burst out. Emotion burst out will only lead you to making more mistakes and judgments. You must first love yourself before your ex. Once you did re-confirmed that you still love your ex, and realize that there is always be a disagreement or confrontation in relationships, then you are ready to meet your ex and pursue your broken relationship.

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