Rotating Hairbrushes: Is It Good For You?

by GuestPoster on October 23, 2011

A lot of modern innovations have been coming out recently, all in the purpose to ease our daily lives with the help of technology and fresh ideas, much so that most of these new items are somewhat getting weirder. In the industry of fashion, hair is signified like a crow, if you have beautiful hair, you are viewed like a princes or queen from a wonderful kingdom because of your grand crown. Hair styling is a task that most people, particularly women are doing every day. Now it may sound like an easy task, but it is surely not. It is a tiring and confusing task, and the need to do it in a daily basis adds to the stress even more.

This is the reason why we are seeing numerous innovative devices that offer to aid us in this specific task – the task of styling our hair. One of these modern devices are rotating hairbrushes, the main idea of this device was “why tire your arms stroking your hair when you can just lay back and let the hair brush do everything for you”. Yet another clichéd idea coming for innovation, but it this time it does have a point. Yes, why not make a hairbrush rotate so you can save energy from having to stroke your hair up and down a couple of dozen times. So, the question stands, is it any good?

In perspective, it does. In the stand point that it was made for, which was to save time and energy from having to stroke hair manually. However, the effects of rotating hairbrushes impacts this topic more than the ability to save energy on a few arm movements.

Rotating hairbrushes are operated with electricity, either through external batteries or through chargeable internal batteries. Either way, this means that the device is a cesspool for electrical current; it is to not that electricity and hair does not go well properly. Electricity causes lots of problems for the hair, it causes hair breakage, hair loss, and may even mess up the pigmentation of your hair. Not to mention the noise it creates while it is near your ears, and the possibly hair sizzling temperatures the device can peek to.

Although, the main idea is achieved, you can save a lot of time in styling your hair with a makeup mirror and even makes it easier to manage your hair because of the constant strokes it is able to do with its rotating motion. But are your really going to risk the health of your hair just to save a minutes brushing your hair manually on your vanity?

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