Sandal Shoes: Mens Sandals

by GuestPoster on December 21, 2010

I own two pairs of really great mens sandals. The name brands are Havaianas and Okabashi. I actually on a third pair but they are some no name brand. I like them but they are a bit big an not as snazzy and awesome as the other two. I like who bought them for me more than like the actual shoes. However you can’t lose with classic flip flops. Sunshine footwear is very important to folks who need to take advantage of sunshine as soon as possible. Living in the Northwest the weather can change on a dime. I’m proud to own both pair of shoes, the Havaianas and the Okabashi for different reasons.

I like the Havaianas because they are more than just a classic flip flop. This shoe manufacturer and their whole line of shoes totally personify the joy and fun of classic flip flops. They have taken it to another level with fun and vibrant colors and designs. I on the Brazilian bright green and yellow soccer team flip flops. I love them. They go great with the sun and everything I might wear in it. I am a musician and performed in Brasil on their Valentine’s Day which is June 12. My host bought the shoes for me on the day I was heading back to the states. So, there is some sentimental value attached to these pair. I was very embraced by their people and I would love to live there.  As far as Havaianas go I am not sure there is another shoe manufacturer with as fun an outlook. Keep the fun going!

The Okabashi shoes are very serious i have come to find. I got them for twelve dollars at a Walgreens. I just wanted a cheap quick pair to used in the fleeting Seattle sun. The Okabashi shoes caught my eye because they looked woven which means I could wear them with more stuff. They looked dressy with still a fun casual appeal. I was in for a surprise and then more surprise. They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. I thought they were made of rubber which is great as an anit-slip agent. However I’ve sinced learned a lot about Okabashi. The rubber like material is actually a 100% recyclable material called Microplast wich is made in house.They have amssaging insoles and great arch support. They are endorsed by the American Association of Chiropractors. How’s that for twelve dollars at Walgreens?

Havaianas and Okabashis. You cannot go wrong in the summer. Please check them out for mens sandals and womens sandals.

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